A visionary business card concept for MyCard


MyCard – interactive business card (thesis graduation project)


For the thesis project in my product design study I decided to explore opportunities to innovate in mobile communications.
My research focused on paper business cards, a very old medium and still successful and irreplaceable to this day. The problem with paper is that once it is printed it can not be updated anymore. This led me to explore emerging new technologies like flexible e-ink displays and paper based batteries. In surveys and interviews I further researched and studied the user behaviour and user experience of professionals using business cards for networking and business development. The analysis of the research concluded in a number of innovative design concepts and to the final concept of MyCard, an interactive business card, which lets the user individualise and add animated digital content, load data to the card und update it over the internet at any time.
The recipient of the MyCard can read and synchronise the content of the card wirelessly to his mobile phone or notebook. The card helps you to seamlessly connect with professional networking contacts.
In 2006 new technologies like RFID inspired a new connectivity for objects before the term Internet of Things was even marked.

MyCard has beenĀ featured also in Design Report (05.2007) and Page magazine (07.2007).