User Experience & Interface Design for Fairquote. One click travel.

UI Design, Screen Design


Fairquote Cooperative


Fairquote ́s mission is to simplify flight bookings, by providing all available options on the market in a complete database and accessible through an intuitive interface.

Research & Analysis:
Research shows that people spend many hours online to find the right flight, going from website to website for comparing prices. The difficulties people are facing are; a) not being able to overview all possible flight options and b) not being able to compare prices to all possible options and c) all information not being presented in a clear way.

The 2 most important criteria for booking a flight are the dates of the flight and the price.

In Conclusion: the quality of the Interface, the way information would be presented to the viewer, would determine the quality of the product experience.

Concept & Design:
I designed a web interface where the most important criteria for the viewer are presented in a matrix of flight dates and prices, and both parameters would be variable through pulling the calendar to the left and right, and scrolling up and down the matrix to see more options and prices.This innovative interface was used on hundreds of the `citypairs ́ websites of Fairquote. Each site was created to serve certain city connections, i.e., where destinations could be marketed targetedly.