User Experience, Interaction & Screen Design for IATA (International Air Transport Association)

UI / UX design, Screen Design


IATA – International Air Transport Association

Telono SA, Geneva


The International Air Transport Association in Geneva Switzerland is the central regulatory institution serving the global the airline industry. With 800.000 website visits per month in average the website is one of the most important websites of the airline industry.

The goal of the project was to structure the site clearly, to render the website more user-friendly, and create a strong visual identity.

The original website had countless pages and multi-level sub-pages filled with a lot of content. Considering the large content and the complexity of the site, it was important to design a well sorted and easily explorable structure.

The combination of a Master navigation on top of the site and a complimentary side navigation menu, made it possible to guide the user through the many branches of the company website. The staggered and collapsible menu items organise the tree structure visually.

The project brief required to have direct links to the most important subpages from the home page and make them easier accessible. The challenge was to include all these direct links on the homepage, but keep the design uncluttered and user friendly. In my design proposal I successfully introduced a layout with collapsible content containers, organising the links in segments and also move the content-interaction-area above the screen-fold.

I successfully gained the usability agency´s and the client´s confidence for this radical design change, and was able to lead the final screen design to production.
It is a great achievement that the client implemented my design in pixel perfect accuracy as i designed it.

Being responsible for the further development of the user experience, screen design and visual identity I gained confidence in handling large projects, big clients and defending my proposals through many instances.