Responsive App for SIG (Services Industriels de Genève)


SIG – Services Industriels de Genève

Telono SA, Geneve


Moins et mieux consommer – consume less and better – is SIG ́s motto and a consistent message throughout the corporate communication and they decided to develop a monitoring application for their clients, so they could track their consumption of gas, electricity and water. This way clients can build awareness about how much they consume, learn how to reduce their consumption and control the costs of their living – a powerful too.

Research & Analysis:
Presenting complex information or abstract numbers like the energy and water consumption of a household can be improved by illustrating the significance and impact of these parameters by comparing them to more comprehensible examples – like how many times can you fill up your car with the amount of energy you are using to heat your house?
Another interesting feature is the the gamification of the application – the client is rewarded with trophies and discounts if he successfully reduces the consumption. An attractive feature in order to motivate the clients ambitions.

Concept & Design:
I developed the design to give the user a clear overview at first sight on the landing page right when he starts the app. The main issues are also descriptively illustrated with icons and charts. And by entering one of the subsegments the client can receive detailed information on each subject. The overall setup reminds the user of the common standards of a website with a top navigation bar. The information is complimented with tipps on how to consume less and a shop for energy saving tools.