User Experience & Interface Design for Troxxo. Live streaming. Now.


Troxxo. Livestreaming. Now.

Megadon AG, Basel


During my employment at Megadon I worked on the Troxxo project. Troxxo ́s vision is to enable to broadcast live from any device and to stream live to any device.

Transition on scroll: from landing page to schedules page.

Research & Analysis:
With this goal I started researching the many players in the market for video on demand and live video feeds. Quickly I realised that the live streaming services in the market have an event oriented focus, with conferences, concerts and other events. Furthermore the research revealed that without a clear positioning in the market, with a clear place on the map, it would be a difficult journey for Troxxo Social Features were not enough to attract users, so soon we spotted the music industry and its followers as the target audience.
Also the way we consume audiovisual media today has changed and the consumer is more demanding than ever.

Concept & Design:
The design of Troxxo had to be all about the quality experience of the live moment and the easy access to it. I put a strong focus on placing prominently what is wanted most by the target audience. Knowing from the research that a lot of live web event visitors already know about their attendance in advance, they might not even search or explore other events but go straight to the planned event. So the design had to provide all audiences with easy to use design solutions, with a quick login, easy payment and immediate access to content.

The user experience and the web interface was designed to consider common standards and also to offer some sophisticated features – Ultimately Troxxo was designed to live through its hosted content.